Social Media Management


Powerful marketing platforms to position your brand

social_1.pngIntegrating a social network into your site empowers users to participate in conversation and in that way promotes your business. The use of social networks is an important part of your web strategy and it can lead to the expansion of your business, promotion of your business and a better brand position. This type of interactivity can launch your business, present your services and allow users to participate in your processes. Social networks allow much needed market analyses and helps you determine your target market, learn more about the market and decide on your advertising strategy.

What we offer

  • Custom Facebook page design
  • Administration of your social networks
  • Social Networks Connect (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Status Update Feed
  • Photo Gallery/Comments
  • Friends List
  • Messages
  • Blogs/Comments
  • Discussion Threads
  • Email Notification
  • Wall/Comments
  • Statistics